Sample factors question, report and explanation

This is one question from the Factors and multiples quiz. It shows

Quiz question from Factors and multiples


Many of the smart tests use drag-and-drop format, as this one does. It is intended to mimic a classroom 'card-sorting' task.

The response formats for other smart test questions including typing simple responses, using sliders, positioning images, and multiple choice.



Sample report

Results, created by examining students' responses to all the items and looking for patterns, are presented in a table. The table gives the diagnosis for each student (see below), the date and time, a link to see that student's actual answers (depending on your log-in status) and two pieces of data to help understand unexpectedly low results (the percentage of questions attempted and whether the student got most of the questions correct). For more information on this aspect, see 'Analysing the results'.

There is a button to download the results into a spreadsheet so that they can be easily sorted.



Sample explanation and teaching suggestions

Here is a sample of the information that is provided about developmental stages, and also the teaching suggestions. Each page begins with an outline of the mathematical focus of the test. The developmental stages (see 'Using smart tests') are described, first in summary form and also in more detail for first time users. (The developmental stages for this sample smart test are particularly simple.) The tests also report common errors and misconceptions, where one erroreous behaviour has been exhibited systematically. In this case, the programming behind the test looks for only one such error.

The teaching suggestions are usually organised by developmental stage. They are brief, but hopefully will provide some ideas which get at the heart of what students need to master in order to move onto the next stage.


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