Using smart tests to improve teaching and learning

This page describes the educational purpose and the use of smart tests in teaching.

For practical information about using tests, go to "Try smart tests".


  • Using smart tests in teaching: how and why
    This section describes ways of using smart tests for formative assessment and to personalise learning. It describes the purpose of smart tests, and how they diagnose student thinking. It also describes what smart tests do not do. Comments from many teachers on how they have used smart tests are included.
  • Interpreting results and using them to teach for conceptual growth
    This section explains how the results are reported through developmental stages, and as common errors and misconceptions. It also discusses how such information on students' thinking can be used to teach for conceptual change.
  • Smart tests by topic and year level
    This section lists the available smart tests by topic and approximate year level.
    A completely up-to-date list is found by logging in to the teachers' page.
  • Frequently asked questions